Snowek articulated plows for varying areas

Articulated plows

Snowek articulated plows

Snowek articulated plows are an excellent choice when you need to clear snow from many different-sized areas and when you need to plow through heavy snows. In the V-position, the plow is ideal for clearing forest roads thanks to its positive blade angle and optimized wing pattern. In the inverted position, the plow can be used to effectively gather snow over the largest of areas, while in the straight position, clearing roads and driveways and shifting snow is quick and easy. 

Snowek articulated are designed to be used in farming tractors, real estate maintenance machines and wheel loaders.

Standard equipment

  • Bolted adapters
  • Flat blades
  • Electrical valve 
  • Adjustable support skids


  • LED lights (2 pcs.)
  • Pressure accumulator
  • Diagonal valve
  • Perforated blades or perforated rubber blades

Technical specifications

Diagonal function (requires diagonal valve accessory):

N240, diagonal minimum working width: 2,0m  / 6,60ft

N280, diagonal minimum working width: 2,25m / 7,40ft

N320, diagonal minimum working width: 2,45m / 8,05ft

N360, diagonal minimum working width: 3,00m / 9,85ft

N390, diagonal minimum working width: 3,15m / 10,35ft

Wide working width and a narrow transportation width

Wide rotation angles decrease the transportation widths.

Hydraulics easy to modify

The same electronically controlled hydraulic valve can be used with all vehicles. In addition, the number of hoses can be changed afterwards without changing the valve.

Precise surface tracking

Thanks to four independent top links, Snowek plows can be tilted both vertically and horizontally.

A robust, spring-loaded blade mechanism

A positive 15 degree blade angle and a robust spring mechanism make Snowek plows both sturdy and easy to push.

High quality and easy maintenance

All Snowek plows are powder-coated and equipped with bolted adapters, standardized blades and parts. This eases repairs and service operations.