The efficiency of chain driven rotary brooms

Rotary Brooms

Rotary brooms

Snowek AH-series rotary brooms provide cost-effective cleaning of sand, litter and snow. Brooms are excellent choices for efficient sweeping with wheel loaders or large farming tractors. AH-series rotary brooms can be equipped with either a traditional water injection system or with a modern high pressure dust suppression system.


Standard equipment

  • Four hydraulic hoses with ½” tractor quick couplings
  • Hydraulic adjustment valve
  • Standard adaptors (Euro, Trima,
    Kunta 500, VL and Volvo)


  • High pressure dust suppression system with a galvanized 270 liters water tank
  • Traditional water injection system with a galvanized 270 liters water tank
  • Pressure washer and hose reel
  • Electric valve (Broom can be operated with 2 hydraulic hoses)

Technical specifications

Model AH 280 AH 300 AH 330
A (cm) 280 300 330
B (cm) 190 190 190
C (cm) 130 130 130
D (cm) 90 90 90
Turning angle of the brush 32° 32° 32°
Water tank capacity (accessory) 270 l 270 l 270 l
Empty weight 570 kg 650 kg 680 kg
Minimum hydraulic output needed 55 l/min 55 l/min 55 l/min
Hydraulic working pressure (min-max) 160 - 230 bar 160 - 230 bar 160 - 230 bar

AH Avoharjat

Excellent cleaning result

puhdistustulosPowerful shock absorbers together with +/- 10° horizontal float and 30cm vertical float keep the sweeper steady in all conditions.

Long lasting bristles that also are easy to change

huollotShock absorbers and the geometry of the sweeper ensures that bristles wear out evenly. In addition bristle change takes less than thirty minutes.

Integrated water tank

lisavarusteetRotary brooms can be equipped with an integrated water tank with 270 liter capacity. This water can be sprayed out either by using normal watering system or high pressure dust suppression system.

Durable and long-lasting attachment

kulutusosatOil lubricated chain together with power line wear parts ensure that Snowek rotary brooms are build to last. In addition bolted mudguard parts are easy to replace after collisions.