Rotating Circulus bucket sweepers – the most efficient tools for gritting sand and debris sweeping

Circulus bucket sweepers

Circulus bucket sweepers

Snowek bucket sweepers are new generation tools that significantly improves the efficiency of  sand and leaf collection. In addition, compared to a traditional bucket sweepers, the road safety increases when operators do not have to reverse to get a good cleaning result.

Circulus bucket sweepers can be rotated full 360-degrees as many rounds as needed. Rotation is implemented with a gear ring that is powered by a hydraulic motor.

Besides unlimited rotation, Circulus sweepers offers also other new features that have not been seen in bucket sweepers before. Sweepers have almost 30cm wide rubber wheel that stabilizes the bucket when sweeping, flotation system makes sweeping easy and erosion blades on sides of the bucket increase the lifetime of bucket lip plates.


Standard equipment

  • Flotation and support wheels
  • Bolted lip plates on the bottom and the sides of the bucket
  • Welded Volvo adapter in C220, standard bolted adapter in C190
  • Four hydraulic hoses with ½” tractor quick couplings


  • High dust suppression system with a water tank
  • Traditional water injection system with a water tank
  • Pressure washer and water hose reel
  • Electric valve (Broom can be operated with 2 hydraulic hoses)

Technical specifications

Model Circulus 190 Circulus 220Low Circulus 220
A (cm / ft) 190cm / 6,23ft 220cm / 7,22ft 220cm / 7,22ft
B (cm / ft) 216cm / 7,09ft 253cm / 8,30ft 253cm / 8,30ft
C (cm / ft) 150cm / 4,92ft 150cm / 4,92ft 177cm / 5,81ft
D (cm / ft) 207cm / 6,79ft 207cm / 6,79ft

245cm / 8,04ft

E (cm / ft) 70cm / 2,3ft 70cm / 2,3ft 70cm / 2,3ft
Water tank capacity (accessory) 250 l / 66gal 330 l / 87 gal 330 l / 87 gal
Dust hopper capacity 950 l / 250 gal  1250 l / 330 gal 1800 l / 475 gal
Empty weight 900 kg / 1980lbs 1000 kg / 2200lbs 1500 kg / 3300 lbs
Minimum hydraulics output needed

55 l/min 


55 l/min


55 l/min


Hydraulic working pressure (min-max) 160-230 bar 160-230 bar 160-230 bar
Machine recommendation

5 - 8 ton (kg)

11 500 lbs - 17 500 lbs

7 - 13 ton (kg)

15 500 lbs - 26 000 lbs

9 - 16 ton (kg)

17 500 lbs - upwards



The most efficient tool to sand collection

tehokkainThanks to rotation, sweeping with Circulus is both safer and more efficient than with traditional bucket sweepers. 

Fast bristle changes and other service operations

huollotBristles in Circulus sweepers are easy to change and does not need special tools. in addition, lip plates are bolted and daily service points can be accessed easily.

Excellent cleaning result

puhdistustulosFlotation system ensures that the bucket follows the surface accurately and thus guarantees the sweeping quality. 

A comprehensive range of standard equipment

lisavarusteetWide support wheel, rotation system, bolted wear parts also on sides and flotation system all come as standard.

No need for a separate side brush

kanttikivienpuhdistusWhen driving Circulus roughly in 45-degree angle, the bristles are the farthest object of the device. This enables users to clean road sides also without a side brush.