Dynamic duo: Collecting sweeper and high pressure dust suppression system

Collecting sweepers

Snowek collecting sweepers are designed for efficient area cleaning. Designed based on customer feedback and notions on street sweeping, Snowek street sweepers offer dust-free sweeping, the best cleaning results on the market and the kind of efficiency usually only found in contractor grade equipment.

Collecting sweepers are manufactured in three different sizes. Sweepers can be used in 3,5 – 20 ton base machines.

Technical specifications

Model K150 K180 K220
A (cm) 150 180 220
B (cm) 175 205 260
C (cm) 200 230 270
D (cm) 250 280 320
E (cm) 90 90 110
F (cm) 250 260 280
G (cm) 70 70 90
Water tank capacity 260 l 290 l 330 l
Container bin capacity 170 / 360 l 200 / 420 l 500 / 1050 l
Empty weight 700 kg 850 kg 1300 kg
Minimum hydraulics output needed 35 l/min 35 l/min 55 l/min
Hydraulic working pressure (min-max) 160 - 230 bar 160 - 230 bar 160 - 230 bar
Machine recommendation 4 - 6 ton 6 - 8 ton 9 - 20 ton


Excellent cleaning result

puhdistustulosTurning side brushes together with innovative design of dust container ensure the best cleaning results on the market.

Ease of use

helppousThe hydraulic systems are designed so that all the functions of the sweeper, including lifting, lowering and stopping side brushes, can be used without leaving the cabin.  

Robust structure

kestavaThe frames of all Snowek sweepers are galvanized, which makes them highly resistant to bumps and scratches, while also providing a good level of rust protection.

Low hydraulic oil requirements

hydrauliikkaoljyWith a minimum hydraulics output requirement of only 35 l/min, Snowek collecting sweepers can be used even with small base machines.

Fast bristle change

huollotThe main sweeper roller features a flexible connection, which makes replacing bristles extremely fast.

More efficiency with accessories

lisavarusteetCollecting sweeper can be tailored to meet requirements of every user. For example pressure washer is handy when cleaning bus stops and hydraulic vibrator ensures that dust container empties fast.