Collecting sweepers

Snowek collecting sweepers are designed for efficient and environmentally friendly street sweeping. Collecting sweepers are equipped with hydraulic high pressure water pumps that enable dust-free sweeping and the high level efficiency appreciated by contractors and employers.

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Bucket sweepers

Snowek bucket sweepers are used when large cleaning capacity and durability are needed. Bigger debris like stone fragments can be collected when driving forwards and the sweeping result can be finalised when reversing.

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Rotary brooms

With Snowek rotary brooms, sand, litter and snow can be swept in a cost efficient manner. The two smallest rotary broom models (180 and A220) are well suited for small property maintenance vehicles because of their low structure and small hydraulic oil requirements.

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Excavator brooms

Snowek’s rotary brooms for excavators can be used on all machines with a separate boom. The broom is an efficient piece of equipment when cleaning areas that are not easily accessible, like railway tracks or stairs.

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Snowek U-ploughs are designed for efficient snow removal over large areas. U-ploughs are capable of moving a large amount of snow and in addition the highly automated hydraulics enable users to use U-ploughs like normal diagonal ploughs.

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Articulated ploughs

Snowek articulated ploughs are an excellent choice when snow removal areas vary in size or when the snow is deep.

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Bucket spreaders

Snowek bucket spreaders are designed for efficient gritting. All models are equipped with crusher axles, a cover grille, portable flow control and hydraulic safety valves. Spreaders can be used on wheel loaders, property maintenance vehicles and tractors.

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