Solutions for dustless road sweeping


Snowek is a forerunner of dustless road sweeping. Company brought the high pressure dust suppression system to market in year 2012 and has ever since developed appliances to reduce the amount of harmful PM10 emissions from the streets.

After launching Trombia in spring 2015, Snowek now can also offer a waterless solution to street dust problems. Both of these two methods are described below.

TROMBIA - method

Trombia is a totally new kind of vacuum assisted sweeping attachment. The efficiency of Trombia method is based on cooperation of mechanical sweeping and closed air circulation. This patented method enables efficient sweeping without harmful PM10 emissions.

Replacement for self-propelled sweepers

In addition to sand collection, Trombia is well suited for every day city street cleaning, leaf collection and collection of  large size debris. Thanks to waterless process, sweeping can be conducted also in sub zero temperatures.

Trombia offers municipalities and contractors an opportunity to increase the utilization of mid-sized wheel loaders that are mainly used in winter time.

More information about Trombia can be found from:

  • Snowek Trombia is a waterless solution for road sweeping
  • With Trombia you can clean the streets without harmful PM10 emissions.

Benefits of Trombia are:

  • Dustless sweeping
  • Excellent cleaning result
  • High efficiency (Square meters per hour)
  • Cost efficiency

High pressure dust supression system

High pressure dust suppression system enables dust free sweeping and better sweeping result compared to a traditional water injection systems. The efficiency of the system is based on a water cloud around side brushes and inside the dust container. Water cloud does not wet the surface but still ties the road dust efficiently. The cloud is formed by spraying water through air induction nozzles with 150 bar pressure.

Proven efficiency

pölynsidontaField tests carried out by Snowek Oy and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in August 2013 showed that high pressure dust suppression system reduced harmful PM10 emissions during road sweeping by 52% compared to a traditional water injection and by 82% compared to a situation where no water was used to prevent dust emissions.

Dust suppression system is available for all Snowek sweepers

All Snowek sweepers can be equipped with high pressure dust suppression system. The benefits of the systems are the same no matter whether we talk about collecting sweepers or rotary brooms: Dust free sweeping and low water consumption are common features for all Snowek sweepers.

The amount of harmful PM10 emissions during sweeping

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences 2013: Measurements were conducted with TEOM method (Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance, Series 1400A, Thermo Scientific)



Solutions increasing the efficiency of snow removal

Customers are requiring more and more efficiency also from the snow removal. Snowek can offer a wide variety of solutions to help contractors to increase their operational efficiency and therefore get earn more money.

U plows, the most efficient way to remove snow

Snowek U-plows are designed for efficient snow removal over large areas. U-plows are ideal for shifting large amounts of snow at a time, and the highly automated hydraulics enable users to use U-plows like normal diagonal plows. According to Snowek road tests, U plows are up to 2.5 times more efficient than normal diagonal plows.

  Diagonal plows
Articulated plows
U plows
Working methods 1 2 3

Urban pedestrian and bicycle paths, road networks and outdoor areas

Urban pedestrian routes, bicycle paths, parking plots, forest roads City centers, large parking, industrial or logistic areas, airports

 x 1

 x 1,6

x 2,5

Safer diagonal plows

Diagonal plows are cost efficient choice for urban pedestrian and bicycle paths, road networks and outdoor areas. However, the problem with traditional diagonal plows has been the lack of collission avoidance method or poorly executed one.

Snowek has developed a revolutionary spring weighted sledge system that has significant advantages compared to traditional ones:

  • When meeting an obstacle, the plow wing rapidly moves up and back reducing the risk of damage to a driver and a machine
  • Plow can be pressed down when driving high speeds. This balances the plow and reduces bouncing
  • The structure of the spring weighted sledge is simple. This keeps the price of the plow low.

The principle of spring weighted sledge