Snowek snow plows with fast delivery – 7.2.2019

New snow plows are being produced daily in Snowek's new factory in Kiuruvesi Finland from which some of the snow plows can be bought separately from time to time.

Here are the snow plows with fast delivery:

• 1 piece Snowek U520 - for a tractor or a 10-13 tonnes wheel loader

• 3 pieces Snowek AA370 Diagonal plow - for a tractor tor a wheel loader with over 4 tonnes work weight

• 2 pieces Snowek N360 Articulated plows - for 6 - 10 tonnes tractor or wheel loader

• 1 piece Snowek N390 Articulated plows - for 7 - 14 tonnes tractor or wheel loader

All snow plows can be equipped with freely selectable hydraulics and adapter.

From the near weeks' production batches are still available some plows e.g. 1 piece of U420M (e.g. for Wille 855), 1 piece of U460 and 1 piece of U480.

AA320, U300, U320, U380, U460 & U540HD/U600HD plows are sold out from the winter series. Delivery time for these plows are 4  weeks.

Order your plow -> or tel. +358 40 722 8309.