Snowek Trombia - Sweeping Reborn


Snowek Trombia

Snowek Trombia is a revolutionary sweeping attachment that is developed for year-round area and street cleaning. Trombia provides an superior cleaning result, PM10 certified cyclone-based dust control system, exceptional operating speed and easy serviceability. A global-wide patent is pending for Trombia cleaning technology.

With Trombia users can collect gritting sand in the spring, take care of daily road and fine dust sweeping on summer time and pick up the leaves in the autumn.
The revolutionary Trombia sweeping technology is based on an airknife blast and self created organic vacuum inside a closed sweeping chamber. All sweeping is done on fully waterless surfaces and as an outcome Trombia delivers cleaning result that can traditionally be only gained with the most advanced and expensive street scrubbers with enormous vacuum power.

In other words, with Trombia you can turn your wheel loader into a year-round area and city sweeping unit and carry out the same jobs as with self-propelled vacuum sweepers more efficiently and with only marginal investment costs.


Trombia case study

Technical specifications

Model Trombia Trombia Compact
A (cm) 245 215
B (cm) 125 105
C (cm) 224 195
Container bin volume 1200 l 800 l
Empty weight 970 kg 820 kg
Minimum hydraulics output needed 70 l/min 60 l /min
Hydraulic working pressure (min-max) 160 - 230 bar 160 - 230 bar
Machine recommendation 10-30 ton 5-9 ton
Efficient operating speed 5 - 15 km/h 5 - 15 km/h


Excellent cleaning result

lisavarusteetIn Trombia-method cleaning is based on mechanical sweeping and closed circulation vacuuming. Process does not need water either. which further improves the cleaning result.

Better cost efficiency


Trombia increases the utilization of mid-sized wheel loaders that usually are bought mainly for snow removing.

Advanced user interface


All functions of Trombia are controlled with touch screen. Sensor data about rotation speeds, device height as well as device angle are always available and thus makes working more efficient.



Easy to maintain


Trombia does not have filters that would require constant maintenance. In addition all service points are easy to access.

Trombia 2016 attachment brochure