Snowek Oy

Snowek Oy is a developer of road maintenance solutions. The company designs, manufactures and markets work equipment for property maintenance vehicles, wheel loaders, tractors and excavators. Snowek’s main products are vacuums assisted Trombia sweepers.

Snowek Oy’s design office is located in Kuopio, while product manufacturing takes place in Iisalmi, some 80 km north of Kuopio. Snowek Oy was first established in 2011 and currently employs, directly or indirectly, 15 people.


Our operating principles

Here at Snowek, we want to be known for high-quality and efficient work equipment. We strongly believe that the efficiency and durability of equipment are things worth investing in. To help us reach our goals, we not only make use of our Lead Designer Janne Happonen’s decades of experience in designing work equipment, but also the experience and ideas gathered from true road maintenance experts – our customers.

Feedback gathered directly in the field helps us improve our current products while also giving us ideas to develop entirely new kinds of solutions to answer the challenges of road maintenance. This is why we hope that we can establish a real dialogue with you, through everyday work channels (telephone, e-mail, etc.) and at exhibitions, fairs and work sites.

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